Philippians 4:8 was the bible passage the first weekend of church in the US was based on for me. To do what is right, and to think about such things I thought I had.But it all changed when I learned what Jesus had done for me. Paid the ultimate price, sacrificed his life.

But at that point in time for me that was just like the story from Neverland.

My father always said in true Marxist fashion that Religion is opium for the masses. That it does not solve problems, but merely helps people forget about them.

I had tried to understand that- to adopt that as my worldview, but God had other plans for me. After spending a few months in church, listening to the Gospel being preached, being really ministered to I began to believe. For me it was about “unlearning” what I had been taught and learning what is true.

Spending time with true believers was the real blessing I had. It is till this date. A community in Christ is the most beautiful gift of God for his people.

Going back, leaving that community was hard. Coming back to my old life, with the old values, friends and family was difficult. I knew they are all lost. Lost in this world, lost in their own misery and not knowing Jesus.

I know God is the one who can change that. In my daily prayers I pray for their salvation. Just like I am sure mine was prayed for by my new family in the US.

I am now called to leave my old life behind once more, to minister to those who are in need.  I want to work in a missionary clinic and become a midwife. I know this is what I am called to do. Please join me in prayer on my journey. I would be glad to share my walk with you.

Being obedient is key here for me.