“I’ve exchanged the carefree for the pain of God.

I didn’t want this. I wanted to look away.

His heart is heavy with the pain of suffering for the people He created. The people for whom He died.”


Two nights ago I watched a documentary on Hunger in this world. It does take quite something to shake me up, but that film did just that. The really sad part was that I felt so much of this hunger is preventable, it does not have to be.

People not caring in the least for the other, no compassion there at ALL.,…

But then life goes on and I found myself sitting in a work event last night and it basically dealt with security issues due to Cyber Terrorism. And the real fear of the experts is that our infrastructure will be damaged – so that we will not have any water, electricity etc.

And while I do think that would be terrible I also know that it is not the end of the world. I lived with water on and off in Nicaragua, with blackouts in Israel and it all is a matter of getting “used to it”. No joy there, but not a real problem either.

SO,..the real news is that;:::::……..yesterday I also started to work on my application to Newlife. I am really excited, shaken (to be completely honest),..

But I know that God will be there with me, help me serve these women, learn,..and share the good news of our savior.